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Dr. C. Jayabose

Dr.C. Jayabose

Current Areas of Research

  • Genetics Specialization in Embryo culture, mutation breeding and molecular maker
  • Identification and characterization of PcG proteins in sugarcane(/li>
  • Phytolith based characterization of sugarcane and allied genera
  • Studies on AGL62 gene functions in cellularization of sugarcane endosperm

Number of students guided for M.Sc/ Ph.D Guided three M.Sc. students, thesis entitled
  • Effect of Gamma irradiation on coconut zygotic embryo - Preliminary Study
  • Glutathione S transferase activity during sodium azide treatment and identification of GST gene of Cocos nucifera L.,
  • Effect of sodium azide: a potential chemical mutagen on coconut zygotic embryos - Preliminary Study
  • Membership in professional bodies
    • Life member–The society for Sugarcane Research and Development, Coimbatore

    Number of National and International publications:
    1. K. Devakumar, Niral, V. Jerard, B.A.Jayabose, C. Chandramohanan, R. Jacob, P.M.2010, Microsatellite analysis of distinct coconut accessions from Agatti and Kavaratti Islands, Lakshadweep, India. Scientia Horticulturae, 125: 309–315
    2. C. Jayabose , Ganesh, S. Natarajan. C, Arunachalam. V. and Arulraj, 2010.Variability and heterosis in spathe traits of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.). Journal of Plantation Crops, , 38 (2):142-145
    3. C.Jayabose, Ganesh.S, Mohanan.K.V and Arulraj,S. 2008. Estimation of heterosis ofeconomical important characters of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) hybrids. Journal of Plantation Crops, 36 (3): 151-154
    4. M. Kalpana,. Gautam, B Srinivasulu.B, Rao. D. V. R, Arulraj. S and Jayabose. C. 2008. Impact of integrated nutrient management on nut yield andquality of coconut under coastal ecosystem. Journal of Plantation Crops, 36 (3): 249-253
    5. S.Elaine Apshara., Arunachalam.V, Jayabose. C, and Kumaran ,P.M. 2007. Evaluation of coconut hybrids for tender nut purpose. Indian Journal of Horticulture,.64(3):321-323>
    6. V.Arunachalam and Jayabose, C. 2004. Crop productivity and scientific research productivity in Horticulture: A quadratic relationship. Sci. & Cult. 70(3-4):161-162
    7. Descriptor
    8. Luc Baudouin ……………….Augustine, J .B., Jayabose. C, Nair, V. Niral, V and Nampoothiri, U .Minimum List of Descriptor for Coconut. Biversity International 2008.(
    9. Book
    10. Performance evaluation of coconut hybrids and parents. by C.Jayabose &Ganesh,S. Pavai Publisher,Chennai-14 ISBN 81-7735-738-7

    To contact Dr. C. Jayabose

    Phone: Office: 0422-2476260 Extn:215
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Address for correspondence:

    Dr. C. Jayabose
    Principal Scientist(Genetics)
    Division of crop Improvement
    Sugarcane Breeding Institute
    Coimbatore – 641007; Tamil Nadu, INDIA


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