FAQ - Irrigation Management

  1. How many irrigation are to be given for raising a good sugarcane crop?
  2. In tropical area, irrigations are to be given once in 7 days during germination phase (1 – 35 days after planting), once in 10 days during tillering phase (36 – 100 days after planting), again once in 7 days during grand growth phase (101 – 270 days after planting) and once in 15 days during maturity phase (271 days after planting up to harvest) adjusting it to the rain fall pattern of the area. About 30 to 40 irrigations are needed.

  3. How to economize irrigation water in sugarcane cultivation?
  4. Sugarcane is a high water requirement crop. About 250 tonnes of water is needed to produce one tonne of sugarcane. The water requirement of the crop per se cannot be reduced without reduction in yield. However, loss of irrigation water while conveying it from the source to the root zone of the crop could be reduced by conveying the irrigation water through pipelines or adoption of micro-irrigation systems. Methods like alternate furrow irrigation and trash mulching could be of use to economise irrigation water during water scarcity periods. Foliar spraying of a solution containing 2.5% urea and 2.5% muriate of potash 3 or 4 times at fortnightly intervals during drought periods would help to reduce the impact of drought on the crop.

  5. How to prevent clogging in drip irrigation system?
  6. Maintenance of the drip irrigation system is necessary for proper water application. Flushing the lines at periodical intervals by opening the end caps is necessary part of this action. Injection of 30% hydrochloric acid is recommended for removal of precipitated salts on the inner surface of the drip system. When the source of irrigation water is river, canal open well etc., chlorination at the rate of 1 ppm is recommended to kill bacteria, algae etc. The frequency of acid treatment and chlorination depends on the quality of irrigation water.


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