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Dr. Krishnapriya Vengavasi

Krishnapriya Vengavasi

Discipline & Specialization

Plant Physiology/ Sugarcane root studies and nutriophysiology

Current Areas of Research:

Physiological basis of abiotic stress tolerance, root studies and enhancing nutrient use efficiency of sugarcane

Contribution to the Scientific Advancement
  1. My Ph.D. thesis work comprised studying the root-exuded organic acids in soybean genotypes under phosphorus deficiency. I have experience in planning and conducting experiments with soybean plants raised in hydroponic culture, from which root exudates were collected, characterised and quantified through HPLC. I also analysed the effect of phosphorus deficiency on root system architecture of soybean genotypes using WinRhizo software. I carried out comparative proteomic analysis in root tissue of soybean genotypes with contrasting root exudation potential to identify novel genes/proteins influencing organic anion efflux under phosphorus deficiency.
  2. I was involved in developing a rapid technique for screening phosphorus efficient green gram genotypes under low phosphorus availability by measuring total root carbon exudation after labelling shoots with 14Co2.
Awards and recognition:
  1. Early Career Research Award 2017: Science and Engineering Research Board, DST, New Delhi
  2. Gold medal for Best M.Sc. student 2011: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore
  3. Senior Research Fellowship 2010: ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
  4. M. Sc. Merit Scholarship 2008: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore
  5. Periyar Endowment Award 2004: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore

Number of National and International publications: (Click this link)

  1. National : 8
  2. International : 7
  3. Conference/ Symposia : 15
  4. Others : 8

Contact address:
Crop Production Division, Sugarcane Breeding Institute,
Coimbatore -641007,
Ph: 0422-2472621 extn : 315
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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