FAQ - Yellow Leaf Disease(syndrome)

  1. What are characteristic symptoms of yellow leaf disease (syndrome)?
    • Yellowing of mid ribs in the 3 to 5 leaves during and after cane formation stages. Laminar yellowing along the discoloured midrib and drying of leaf along the midrib from the tip.
  2. Will yellow leaf disease (syndrome) affect the crop yield? If so to what extent?
    • The disease affects cane yield significantly in susceptible varieties as well as in uncared fields. Expression of the disease in the early stage would cause more damages to the crop. In the affected canes inter-nodal elongation gradually decrease and show bunching of leaves in the apex. In addition to loss in cane yield, sugar recovery is also affected in the infected canes.
  3. How does the yellow leaf disease spread?
    • Through infected seed canes and insect vectors.
  4. How to control the yellow leaf disease (syndrome)?
    • Through meristem tip culture, the virus can be eliminated from the cane. Later proper seed nursery programmes are to be followed to ensure supply of disease free seed canes.