Pride of ICAR-SBI-Former Director,Dr. Bakshi Ram gets Padma Shri award

Other Committees

Academic Committee

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee of the Institute formulates policies on admission of eligible post-graduate students to Ph.D and short term certificate courses and training programmes.


The Institute Academic Committee is constituted by the following members:

  1. Director and Chairman
  2. Dr. R. Viswanathan, Head (Division of Crop Protection)
  3. Dr. A. Selvi, Principal Scientist (Biotechnology)
  4. Dr. P. Govindaraj, Principal Scientist (Plant Breeding)
  5. Dr. A. Ramesh Sundar, Principal Scientist (Plant Pathology)
  6. Dr. C. Palaniswami, Head (Division of Crop Production) and Member Secretary

Grievance Committee

Grievance Committee


The Director, ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore-641007 has extended the tenure of the Present Grievance Committee w.e.f. 02.11.2021 until further orders.

1. Dr. C. Palaniswami, Head-Incharge(Crop Production) Chairman
2. Dr. K.P.Salin, Principal Scientist Member
3. Administrative Officer Member
4. Finance & Accounts Officer Member
5. Dr.I.Rajendran, Principal Scientist Member
6. Dr.S.Anusha,Scientist Member
7. Dr. R. Gomathi, Principal Scientist Member
8. Shri.M.Karthick, Senior Technician Member
9. Smt.K.Kanageswari,Assistant Member
10. Sh.M.Manickam,Skilled Supporting Staff Member
11. Smt. V. Ashakumari, AAO (Estt.) Member Secretary

Institute Works Committee

Institute Works Committee



  • To look into all proposals on Major works, including petty/Minor works and make recommendation for approval and expenditure sanction.
  • To meet periodically as and when necessary. In the absence of the Chairman, the next senior most member will act as Chairman and conduct the meeting.
  • To examine the works proposal as per GFR and on priority basis without loss of time.
  • To scrutinize the estimates /proposals of CPWD /Departmental works and recommend for necessary approval.
  • To open the quotations/tenders for departmental works including recommendation in the comparative statement.
  • Any other matter related to works and as assigned by the Director.



1. Dr.C, Sankaranarayanan, Principal Scientist Head & Chairman
2. Dr. (Smt). S. Alarmelu, Principal Scientist Member
3. Dr. C. Sankaranarayanan, Principal Scientist Member
4. Dr. T. Arumuganathan, Principal Scientist Member
5. Finance & Accounts Officer Member
6. Shri. Devassy.P.V., Administrative Officer Member
7. Smt. P. Amshaveni, Sr.T.A Member Secretary

Joint Staff Council

Institute Joint Staff Council (IJSC)

The Institute Joint Staff Council has been reconstituted w.e.f February 02, 2021 and would function for a period of 3 years

Members Official Side Members Staff Side
Shri. S. Mathesh, Senior Technical Asst.
Dr. R. Selvakumar, Principal Scientist
Member Secretary
Shri. S. Mutharasu, Senior Technician
Shri. V.V. Galagali (UDC)
Dr. S. Sheelamary, Scientist Smt. M. Jainub (UDC)
Dr. S. Anusha, Scientist Shri. I. Saravanakumar, Skilled Support Staff
Smt. V. Asha Kumari, AAO (Estt.) Shri. M. Thangaraj, Skilled Support Staff
Shri S.B. Baburaj, Finance & Accounts Officer ......

Women Cell

Women Cell

1. Dr A.Selvi
Principal Scientist
2. Dr.A.Vennila,
Principal Scientist
3. Dr.P.Geetha
Senior Scientist
4. Shri. Devassy.P.V., Administrative Officer Member
5. Shri S.B. Baburaj, Finance & Accounts Officer Member
6. Dr.Harunipriya
Senior Technical Assistant
7. Smt.T.Kavitha
Senior Technician
8. Smt.C.Vasanthamani,
Skilled Support Staff
9. Smt.J.Emily Florence Daisy Rani,
Member secretary

Library Advisory committee

Library Advisory committee

1. Dr. G. Hemaprabha,Director Chairman
2. Dr.R.M.Shanthi Principal Scientist(Plant Breeding) Member
3. Dr.C.Palaniswami,(I/C) PME Cell Member
4. Dr.C.Sankaranarayanan,Principal Scientist (Nematology) Member
5. Dr.D.Puthira Prathap, Principal Scientist(Extension) Member
6. Dr.R.Selvakumar, Principal Scientist (Pathology) Member
7. Dr.A.Vennila, Principal Scientist(Soil Science) Member
8. Dr.K.Devakumar, Senior Scientist (Biotechnology)Principal Member
9. Dr.V.Krishnapriya, Scientist (Physiology) Member
10. Shri.S.B.Baburaj, F.A.O. Member
11. Shri.P.V.Devassy, A.O. Member Secretary
12. Dr.A.Selvi, Principal Scientist (Biotechnology) & In-charge, Library Services Member Secretary

Terms of Reference for LAC

  1. To consider policy matters regarding Library including the policy for procurement of books and journals and render advice to the Purchase committee for Library procurements.
  2. To supervise the allocation and utilization of funds for different departments for purchase of books, journals and other library resources.
  3. To negotiate and approve subscriptions to online databases (e-journals, e-books, CD-ROMs)
  4. To monitor and evaluate, from time to time, trends and developments in information technologies , networking, library automation, library cooperation, etc., and to direct the library in their adoption.
  5. To formulate action plan for the development of library human resource, infrastructure, facilities, products and services.
  6. To maintain liaison between Main Library and various academic departments for the purchase of networking of Departmental libraries with the Main Library.
  7. The LAC would meet at least once in three months to review the library affairs.
  8. The Committee shall be reconstituted once in two years.

Institute Technology Management Committee


Institute Technology Management Committee has been reconstituted with the following composition of members to discuss/decide all issues of IP Management and Technology Transfer/Commercialization.


The Institute Technology Management is constituted w.e.f 01.06.2022

1. Dr. G. Hemaprabha,Director Chairman
2. Dr.R.Viswanathan,Principal Scientist,Head I/C,Head of Crop Production Member
3. Dr.K.Mohanraj,Senior Scientist (Plant Breeding) Member
4. Dr..B.SingaraveluPrincipal Scientist (Entomology)
5. Dr. K. Rathnavel, Principal Scientist,
(ICAR-CICR Regional station),Covai
6. Dr.C.Palaniswami, Principal Scientist,Head I/C,Head of Crop Protection,Member Secretary,PME
7. Dr.R.M.Shanthi,Principal Scientist and Member Secretary,IRC Member
8. Dr. P. Murali, Senior Scientist,(Agri.Economics),PI-ABI Member
9. Dr. K. Hari, Principal Scientist,
(Officer Incharge, ITMU)
Member Secretary

Purchase Advisory Committee

Purchase Advisory Committee is re-constituted with the following members

1. Dr. R. M. Shanthi, Principal Scientist Chairperson
2. Dr. P. Govindaraj, Principal Scientist Member
3. Dr. B. Singaravelu, Principal Scientist Member
4. Dr. P. Malathi, Principal Scientist Member
5. Dr. T. Arumuganathan, Principal Scientist Member
6. Shri S.B. Baburaj, Finance & Accounts Officer Member
7. Administrative Officer Member
8. Shri. B.V. Santhosh, Asst. Admin. Officer (Stores) Member Secretary

Staff Recreation Club

Staff Recreation Club is re-constituted with the following members w.e.f 02.06.2022

1. Dr.G.Hemaprabha,Director President
2. Dr.B.Singaravelu,Principal Scientist Vice President
3. Dr.A.Suganya, Principal Scientist Secretary
4. Dr.S.Anusha,Scientist Joint Secretary
5. Smt.A.Sindhu,Lower Division Clerk Treasurer
6. Sh.R.Narayanasamy,Senior Technician Member
7. Shri. M. Karthick,Senior Technician Member
8. Smt.K.Kanageswari, Assistant Member
9. Sh.R.Sekar,Skilled Supporting Staff Member

Tribal Sub Plan


Institute Tribal Sub Plan Committee is responsible for identification of activities / items and villages and also for effecting the purchase and execution of all the works related to implementation of this project.


The Institute Tribal Sub Plan Committee has been reconstituted on 20th April 2021 with the following members


1. Dr. D.Puthira Prathap. Principal Scientist (Agri. extension) Nodal Officer
2. Dr. K. Mohanraj, Senior Scientist (Plant Breeding) Co-Nodal Officer
3. Dr. P. Geetha, Scientist(Agronomy) Co-Nodal Officer
4. Dr. V. Sreenivasa, Scientist (Plant Breeding) Co-Nodal Officer
5. Finance & Accounts Officer Member
6. Assistant Administrative Officer (Stores) Member
7. Sh. Malakappa B. Madegar, Senior Technician Member
8. Sh. K. Praveen Kumar,Technician Member
9. Sh. R. Sekar, Skilled Support Staff Member


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