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Co 0237 (Karan-8)

Varietal Profile

Parents: A progeny of Co 93016 General Cross

Maturity Type: Early maturing

Recommended for Zone: North Western Zone

Co 0237 This clone was identified from Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Regional Centre, Karnal in 2002 and entered in the Zonal Varietal Trials: 2005-06 IVT (early). The AVT I Plant was conducted during 2006–07 and AVT II Plant and ratoon crop trials were conducted during 2007–08. The recommendations for this variety was made based on a total of 21 trials conducted in 5 states in North Western India.

The clone Co 0237 was superior to standards for CCS (t/ha) and cane yield (t/ha) both in plant and ratoon crops. The mean cane yield of Co 0237 was 71.33 t/ha as against 67.59 and 66.84 t/ha of CoJ 64 and CoPant 84211, respectively. The mean sugar yield of Co 0237 was 9.34 t/ha as against 8.59 and 8.28 t/ha of CoJ 64 and CoPant 84211, respectively. The mean improvement in cane yield varied from 1.08 to 16.43% whereas the improvement in sugar yield (CCS) varied from 4.76 to 21.18% over the 2 standards. The mean sucrose% in juice of Co 0237 was 18.78 % as against 17.90 % and 17.65 % of CoJ 64 and CoPant 84211, respectively. The mean improvement in sucrose% varied from 2.91 to 8.89% over the 2 standards.

Co 0237 was rated as 'R' or 'MR' to red rot by nodal method of inoculation, except at Shahjahanpur. By plug method, the clone was rated as 'MR' to red rot at Karnal, Uchani, Pantnagar and Hisar whereas varied ratings were observed at Ludhiana, Shahjahanpur and Lucknow. The clone is also tolerant to water logging.

Salient distinguishing characters: The clone has medium thin greenish yellow canes with conoidal internodes and long lanceolate auricle on one side. The clone is free from spines, splits, pith, bud groove and bud cushion. Leaf tip drying is common during summer months.


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