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Dr. S. Alarmelu

Dr.S. Alarmelu

Current Areas of Research

  • Focussed on research into all breeding aspects of sugarcane including screening, evaluation, selection and identification of clones in different clonal trials
  • Breeding of early and midlate varieties for yield , quality and resistance to important biotic and abiotic stresses of Peninsular Zone
  • Evaluation of Prebreeding material developed utilizing improved germplasm of Saccharum officnarum, S.robustum, S.spontaneum, S.barberi and S.sinense to identify climate resilient and multitrait genetic stocks for further use in breeding
  • DUS testing of Sugarcane for Tropics

Membership (Life) in professional bodies

  1. Indian Society Of Genetics and Plant Breeding, IARI, New Delhi
  2. Society for sugarcane research and development, Sugarcane Breeding Institute,Coimbatore
  3. Indian Society of Plant Breeders,TNAU, Coimbatore
Scientific Achievements

  1. Identified and developed about 150 Co canes
  2. Contributed to the development of notified sugarcane varieties Co 94008, Co 2001-13, Co 2001- 15, Co 99004, Co 0218, Co 0403, Co 09004, Co 10026, Co 12009 and Co 13013 for Peninsular Zone under AICRP(S)
  3. Contributed in the development of two sugarcane varieties Co 0212 and Co 11015 for cultivation in Tamil Nadu and Puduchery.
  4. Associated in registration of trait specific (Co 93009, Co 99006, Co 91002, Co 92002, INGR 09053, Co 13001, Co 14016) clones as germplasm with NBPGR
  5. Associated with identification of ten high sucrose clones Co 07002, Co 07009, Co 07019, Co 07020, Co 08006, Co 08021, Co 08022, Co 09007, Co 10004 and Co 10012
  6. Yield improvement programme through reciprocal recurrent selection strategy and identified yield populations.
  7. Broadening the genetic base utilizing improved S. spontaneum, improved S. robustum and improved S. officinarum and identification of 2 35 genetic stocks for yield and quality, 613 moderately resistant and 97resistant types for red rot and development of nine Co canes (Co 07010. Co 07011, Co 07017, Co 07004, Co 07032, Co 09013, Co 09014, Co 2010-13and Co 2012 -12)
Number of National and International publications:

  1. Publications in referred journals: 36
  2. Books / Book Chapters: 3/3
  3. Conference Proceedings: 60
  4. Manuals : 20
  5. Lectures : 40
  6. Popular articles/Pamphlets : 25
  7. Compilations : 14

Awards and recognitions:

  1. Fellow, ISGPB, 2020, IARI, New Delhi
  2. Recognised guide in Botany, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore for M.Sc and PhD programme
  3. Institute Management Committee member (2001 -2004)
  4. External Examiner for PhD and MSc (Plant breeding &genentics) TNAU
  5. Member of Monitoring team of AICRP (S)
  6. Resource person : lectures in national / international symposiums/Meetings
  7. IX rank holder in Agricultural Research Service Exam (1989-90)
  8. Awarded ICAR Junior fellowship during B.Sc(Ag) programme (1982-1986)
  9. Awarded Rock feller Foundation Fellowship during M.Sc(Ag) (1987-89)
  10. Awarded Senior research fellowship by International Development Research Centre, Canada during Doctoral Programme of three years ( 1989-1992)

Number of students guided for Ph.D : 1

  • Recognized as a supervisor for guiding One research scholar for Ph.D. programme in the Faculty of Botany, Bharathiar University,Coimbatore

To contact Dr.S.Alarmelu

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address for correspondence:

Dr. S.Alarmelu,
Principal Scientist(Breeding)
Division of Crop Improvement
Sugarcane Breeding Institute, (ICAR),
Coimbatore 641007- India.

Phone: Office: 0422-2476260 Extn:228
Mobile: 9443256026


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