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Dr. G. Hemaprabha

Dr.G. Hemaprabha

Current Areas of Research

  • Sugarcane Breeding – Development of elite cultivars for tropics and trait specific germplasm
  • Molecular marker analysis – DNA fingerprinting, identification of genes and markers related to agronomic traits viz. drought and sucrose

Membership in professional bodies

  1. Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding
  2. Society of Sugarcane Research and development
  3. Association of Biotechnologist in Coimbatore
Scientific Achievements
  • Contributed to the development of 16 notified sugarcane varieties (Co 94008, Co 99004, Co 2001-13, Co 2001-15, Co 0218, Co 0403 for Peninsular zone and Co 98014, Co 0118, Co 0238, Co 0237, Co 0239, Co 0124, Co 05011 Co 05009, Co 06034) for North western zone and Co 0212 for Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.
  • Developed over 180 Co canes.
  • Evaluated and developed a set of 306 interspecific hybrids under ISH series.
  • Registered nine trait specific germplasm with NBPGR (SBI 2007-291, 1148-11-13-2-255, Co 97016, Co 0120, Co 92002, Co 91002, Co 92002, Co 93009, Co 99006 with INGR numbers assigned
  • Contributed in the development of five varieties for CAE trials Co 0310,Co 0312, Co 0212, Co 0314, Co 0320) of Tamil Nadu State.
  • Co canes maintained at the Institute were evaluated for yield, quality, drought tolerance and flowering behavior and potential donors for different traits identified.
  • Engaged in identifying suitable location specific varieties better than the wonder vanity Co 86032 for the state of Tamil Nadu under a collaborative programme with the sugar factories -Sweet Bloom.
  • Developing homozygous /near homozygous inbreds to pave way for true seed production in sugarcane, that can revolutionize sugarcane planting in India
  • Co canes maintained at the Institute were evaluated for yield, quality, drought tolerance and flowering behaviour and potential donors for different traits identified.
  • Involved in varietal testing under AICRP(S) for 30 years.
  • Involved in the development of sugarcane specific STMS markers with NRCPB, IARI, New Delhi.
  • Identified a marker linked to sucrose content and validated the best STMS markers for fingerprinting sugarcane clones.
  • Identified 21 candidate genes for drought.
  • Handling/ed ten externally funded projects (Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund-1, DBT-2, ICAR AP Cess fund-3, Extramural fund-1, GOI, Ministry of agriculture)-1, SISMA-1, Tamil Nadu Factories- 1 (Contract research).
  • Task Force Member of Crop Molecular breeding of DBT since 2014.
  • DBT Nominee Institute Biosafety committee of TNAU, Coimbatore for nine years.
  • Member Secretary of the International Symposium on New Paradigms on Sugarcane Research, Coimbatore, October 15-18, 2012 and National Symposium on “Bioenergy for sustainable development- The potential role of Sugar Crops “ June 23-25, 2014, Coimbatore
  • Recognized guide for PhD and post graduate Programme of Bharathiar University (Biotechnology) and Anna University, Chennai (Biosciences)
  • Institution building / Peer recognition

    1. Head (Crop Improvement ) in-charge
    2. Discipline In Charge (Breeding)
    3. Chief Editor of Journal of Sugarcane Research from 2011-2015- 5 years (NAAS rating 3.14)
    4. Served in several assessment /promotion of scientist, selection committees of SRPs and RAs at SBI, TNAU, Mangalore University, Calicut University, Dharwad University
    5. Monitoring team leader for monitoring the AICRP (S) trials of the Peninsular zone - 2007 and East coast zone of India -2011
    6. Institute Management Committee – member ICAR SBI (2013-2016) and IISR Lucknow (2014-2016)
    7. Institute Germplasm Identification committee – Member
    8. Women’s Cell Chairperson: Addressing the rights and grievances of women employees of the Institute
    9. Academic Council of ICAR SBI- Member
    10. Quality Control Committee for seed – Member
    11. Institute Seminar Committee- Member For organizing, conducting National and International seminar, symposia
    12. Consultancy processing Cell Chairperson
    13. Proprietary Article Committee Chairperson
    14. Agricultural Technology Foresight Committee- Member
    15. Farm Advisory Committee – Member
    Number of National and International publications: (click this link)

    1. Publications in referred journals: 47
    2. Books : 6
    3. Book Chapters : 7
    4. Hand Books/Pamphlets: 19
    5. Conference Proceedings: 84
    6. Lectures : 35
    7. Compilations : 27

    Awards and recognitions: (click this link)

    Number of students guided for Ph.D

    • Guided Three Ph.D. students and degree awarded from Bharathiar University
    • One student are pursuing work
    • No. of M.Sc Students guided : 6

    To contact Dr.G.Hemaprabha:

    E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Address for correspondence:

    Dr. G.Hemaprabha,
    Principal Scientist & Head Incharge(Division of Crop Improvement),Head of section(Plant Breeding)
    Division of Crop Improvement
    Sugarcane Breeding Institute, (ICAR),
    Coimbatore 641007- India.

    Phone: Office: 0422-2476260 Extn:214
    Mobile: 91-9994994715


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