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Recent Achievements-Plant Breeding

Recent Varieties

Recent Varieties (Click the links/ variety names for details)

Variety Name Type Suitable for Zone Year of release
Co 12009 (Sankalp) Mid-late maturing Peninsular zone 2020
Co 11015 (Atulya) Short duration Tamil Nadu 2019
Co 10026 (Upahar) Early maturing Peninsular zone 2019
Co 06022 Early maturing TN & Pondicherry 2018
Co 09004 Early maturing Peninsular zone 2017
Co 0212 Mid-late maturing TN & Pondicherry 2016
Co 0237 (Karan 8) Early maturing North Western 2012
Co 05011 (Karan 9) Mid-late maturing North Western 2012
Co 0403 (Sammriddhi) Early maturing Peninsular 2012

Release-other varieties

Release of Other Varieties

  • Release of two new varieties viz., Co 0218 (Shreyas) a promising mid-late variety and Co 0314, an early maturing variety for Peninsular Zone of India in 2010
  • Release of two new varieties viz., Co 0124 (Karan 5), a promising midlate variety and Co 0239 (Karan 6), a high quality early maturing variety for Sub-tropical zone / North Western India in 2010
  • Release of 2 new Early High Sugar Varieties Co 0118 (Karan2) and Co 0238 in 2009 for Sub-tropical India
  • Release of 2 new varieties in 2009 viz, Co 0232, and Co 0233 for commercial cultivation in Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Varieties released

Varieties released by ICAR-SBI

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Co canes identified during 2014- 2016

Year : 2016
During 2016, 32 elite selections were elevated to the level of Co canes, of which, 27 were from Coimbatore and 5 from Karnal. Co selections from Coimbatore Totally 27 Co canes were identified, including two short duration clones (Co 16001 and Co 16002), six early maturing (Co 16003 - Co 16008) and 17 midlate maturing clones (Co 16009 – Co 16025) along with two genetic stocks designated as Co 16026 and Co 16027. Three Co canes were identified from the cross Co 86032 x Co 86011, while Co 86011 and Co 86032 proved their worth as general combiners by contributing seven and six Co canes respectively. The performance indicators of these promising selections are provided in this link (Table)

Year : 2015
During 2015,27 Co canes were identified,22 from Coimbatore and 5 from Karnal. Co selections from Coimbatore Twenty two Co canes were identified including seven early (Co 15001 to Co 15007) and 15 midlate (Co 15008 to Co 15022) maturing clones. Percent improvement of Co canes for CCS, cane yield and sucrose % of early maturing Co canes showed a range of 22.26% to 74.98 % for CCS, 19.73 to 80.12 % for cane yield and -2.05 to 12.12 for sucrose %, while for midlate maturing clones, the ranges were from 10.28 to 50.48 for CCS t/ha, -2.32 to 30.84 for cane yield and -2.98 to 15.89 and are presented in Fig 2. The Co canes Co 15007 (early) and Co 15011, Co 15014, Co 15017 and Co 15021 (midlate) combined improved cane yield and sucrose content. Three Co canes were identified from the cross Co 86032 x Co 86011 and the clones Co 86011 and Co 86032 proved their worth as one of the parents by contributing seven and six Co canes respectively. Co selections from Karnal: Two early and three midlate Co canes were identified. Early clones Co 15023 and Co 15024 were better in juice quality over Co 0238 though were poorer in yield, while the midlate clones Co 15025, Co 15026 and Co 15027 combined high yield and better sucrose than the two standards. Performance of these clones in relation to the standards is provided in this link (Table).

Year 2014:
During 2014, A total of 36 Co canes were identified, included 33 Co canes from Coimbatore and 3 from Karnal Co canes from Coimbatore: Seven early maturing Co canes identified are Co 14001 to Co 14007. Co 14002 recorded significantly higher cane yield and sugar yield over the better early standard, CoC 671. Sucrose content at 300 days was significantly higher in Co 14007 (22.58%) and Co 14001 (21.02) over CoC 671, which is a significant achievement. Twenty six midlate maturing Co canes were identified. Notable among these with significantly higher cane yield at 360 days were Co 14011, Co 14016, Co 14017, Co 14018, Co 14019, Co 14020, Co 14021, Co 14022, Co 14023, Co 14024, Co 14025, Co 14027, Co 14028, and Co 14033. Fifteen Co canes recorded >20 % sucrose at 360 days, among which Co 14030 Co 14016, Co 14031, Co 14025, Co 14032 and Co 14012 were superior over the standard Co 86032. It could be noted that Co 86032 was the best female parent yielding 10 selections, while Co 86011 was the best male parent (11 selections). Co canes from Karnal: Three Co canes (one Early and two midlate ) were identified The early clone Co 14034 recorded numerically better sucrose that the quality standard CoJ 64, while the two midlate selections (Co 14035 and Co 14036) were superior for cane yield and CCS yield over the standards.Performance of these clones is provided in this link (Table).


Co canes identified during 2011- 2013

Year : 2013
A total of 36 promising clones from four testing centres were assigned ‘Co’ number during 2013. Out of these, twenty ‘Co’ canes were developed from Coimbatore, two from Ugar Khurd (North Karnataka), ten from Chagullu (Coastal Andhra Pradesh) and four from Karnal (North Western zone). The performance indicators of these promising selections are provided in this link (Table)

Year : 2012
Twenty nine ‘Co’ canes were identified as superior during 2012. Among these, eight clones as early maturing types (Co 12001 to Co 12008) and 17 clones as mid-late maturing (Co 12009 to Co 12025) were identified from Coimbatore. At Karnal, 2 early clones (Co 12026 to 27) and 2 mid-late clones (Co 12028 to 29) were identified. Performance of these clones in relation to the standards is provided in this link (Table).

Year : 2011
Twenty seven 'Co' canes were identified as superior during 2011. Based on evaluation in final clonal trial at Coimbatore, four early maturing and 11 mid-late maturing clones were given ‘Co’ status. The early entries (Co 11001, Co 11002, Co 11003 and Co 11004) were identified based on juice sucrose and cane yield parameters at 300 days. The mid-late entries (Co 11005 to Co 11015) were identified based on quality and yield at 360 days. From the final clonal trial conducted at Ugar (North Karnataka), three early and seven mid-late clones were assigned ‘Co’ numbers. The early varieties are Co 11016, Co 11017 and Co 11018. The mid-late varieties given ‘Co’ status are Co 11019 to Co 11025. From Karnal, 2 mid-late clones (Co 11026 and Co 11027) were given the 'Co' status. Performance of these clones is provided in this link (Table).


Co canes identified during 2017

Year : 2017

From Coimbatore,14 elite clones were selected and assigned Co numbers from Co 17001 to Co 17014 (Table 1). Co 17005 recorded the highest CCS of 15.94% compared to the standard Co 86032 (13.36%). The highest cane yield was recorded by Co 17004 (125.76 t/ha) compared to Co 86032 (100.42 t/ha). Four clones viz., Co 17005 (22.49%), Co 17003 (22.30%), Co 17008 (21.86 %) and Co 17001 (21.38%) recorded more than 21% of juice sucrose and were significantly superior to the standard Co 86032 (19.01%).in the following Table .



Co canes identified during 2018

Year : 2018

A total of 24 ‘Co’ canes including 18 from Coimbatore, four from Karnal Centre and two from S. Nijalingappa Sugar Institute (SNSI), Belagaviwere identified during 2017-18. From Coimbatore, 14 elite selections from Pre-Zonal Trial conducted during 2017-18 were assigned ‘Co’ numbers (Co 18001 to Co 18014). In addition, four genetic stocks were given ‘Co’ number as Co 18015 to Co 18018 for utilization in breeding programmes. The performance of these selections is presented in Table 4. Following three years of trials conducted at SNSI to identify location specific trials, two clones 2012-91 and 2012-88 emanated to be very good performers in both plant and ratoon crop trials. These clones are assigned as Co 18023 and Co 18024 the following Table .



Co canes identified during 2019

Year : 2019

During 2019, fifteen Co canes were identified as Co 19001 to Co 19015 from Coimbatore. Co 19001 recorded the highest CCS yield of 23.65 t/ha followed by Co 19004 (22.32 t/ha), Co 19014 (22.32 t/ha), Co 19008 (22.28 t/ha) and Co 19003 (21.85 t/ha) and these entries recorded significantly higher CCS yield, than the better standard Co 86032 (18.78 t/ha). For cane yield (t/ha) Co 19004 recorded the highest cane yield of 159.20 t/ha followed by Co 19003 (158.11 t/ha), Co 19014 (156.03 t/ha), Co 19008 (155.07 t/ha), Co 19005 (155.18 t/ha) & Co 19007 (153.22 t/ha) and these entries are significantly higher than the best standard Co 86032(130.21 t/ha). For CCS (%) and sucrose content at 300 days, Co 19015 recorded the highest CCS per cent of 16.21% and sucrose content of 22.84% . This clone is identified as a genetic stock for quality. Co 19015 and Co 19001 were significantly superior to Co 86032. Co 19004 recorded the sucrose content of 22.25% at 300 days and was significantly superior to Co 86032 (19.54%). in the following Table .



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