Pride of ICAR-SBI-Former Director,Dr. Bakshi Ram gets Padma Shri award

Funded by External Agencies

  1. Intellectual property management and transfer /commercialisation of agricultural technology scheme (upscaling of existing component i.e.IPR under ICAR head quarters scheme on management and information services - Funded by ICAR/AP Cess Fund
  2. Seed production in agricultural crops and fisheries - Funded by MoA/GoI
  3. Strengthening of designated field and laboratory for DUS testing (Coimbatore, Agali and Karnal centres) - Funded by MoA/GoI
  4. Model training course in recent advances in sugarcane production technology - Funded by MoA/GoI
  5. National level training on Sugarcane Production Technologies - Funded by MoA/GoI
  6. Identification and characterization of antifungal genes for cloning and identifying sugarcane phytoalexins as marker for red rot resistance - Funded by Sugarcane Devl. Fund
  7. Molecular elucidation of biotic elicitor-mediated defense-responsive genes/ proteins in sugarcane x Colletotrichum falcatum interaction - Funded by Dept. of Sci. & Tech
  8. Delineation of sugarcane soils for micronutrients status and screening sugarcane varieties for tolerance to iron and zinc deficiency - Funded by SDF
  9. Structural characterisation and evaluation of toxin produced by Colletotrichum falcatum for sugarcane red rot disease management - Funded by Dept. of Sci. & Tech
  10. Development of mechanized system for effective sett/bud treatment of sugarcane Collaborative Proj. of CIAE RC, CBE, SBI, CBE & M/s Annapoorna Agro Industries, 29, Thirunagar, Dhanalakshmipuram Singanallur, Coimbatore-5- Funded by Dept. of Sci. & Tech
  11. Development of hand held instrument for on - field fibre content measurement in sugarcane (Dr.P.Govidaraj Collaborative Proj. with CIAE RC, CBE and M/s Majesty Technologies,45-A, 8th Street, Dharaninagar, Ganapathy Pudur CBE 641 006- Funded by Dept. of Sci. & Tech
  12. Genetic Engineering of Sugarcane for Water Deficit Stress Tolerance. - Funded by DBT
  13. Identification of RNA silencing mechanism in sugarcane against RNA viruses and characterisation of virus suppressor proteins Funded by DBT
  14. DNA Finger Printing of S. officinarum clones using Simple Sequence Repeat Markers Funded by DST(SERB)
  15. Molecular cloning and characterization of genes involved in lignin biosynthesis pathway of sugarcane Funded by DST (SERB)
  16. Whole Transcriptome Sequencing of Sugarcane for Sucrose Regulating Genes Funded by DST (SERB)
  17. Developing New Technologies for Processing Sugarcane Juice Funded by MoFPI
  18. Isolation and functional characterization of low temperature tolerance responsive genes from high cold tolerant Saccharum spontaneum IND 00-1061 Arunachala Pradesh collection- Funded by DST
  19. Improving sucrose accumulation in sugarcane through delayed flowering - Funded by DBT

Collaborative Projects with other agencies

  1. With TNPL:C1-03/1-3-6: Improvement and evaluation of E.arundinaceus clones for utilisation in paper manufacture


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