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The Institute has good research facilities including land, infrastructure, equipments, and qualified scientific personnel in various disciplines. The following links give an account of major equipments available for research work in different sections / laboratories

Research facilities available in various sections / laboratories

Plant Breeding

Research Facilities - Plant Breeding Section

S.No Name of the Equipment
1. Gel documentation system
2. PCR machines
3. Vertical Electrophoresis system
4. Nanodrrop RNA/DNA quantifier)
5. Refrigerated centrifuge

Genetics -Cytogenetics

Facilities - Genetics-Cytogenetics-Transformation lab

S.No Name of the Equipment
1. Fluorescence Microscope
2. Biolistic gun
3. High speed centrifuge
4. Gel documentation system
5. Lyophilizer


Facilities - Biotechnology, Micropropagation Lab

S.No Name of the Equipment
1. Manual sequencers
2. High throughput Vertical &Horizontal gel electrophoresis units
3. Gel documentation system
4. Refrigerated centrifuge
5. Deep freezers
6. Hybridization Oven
7. B.O.D Incubator
8. Inoculation Chamber
9. Microscopes
10. Autoclave
11. Illuminated BOD Incubator

Plant Pathology

Facilities - Plant Pathology Lab

S.No Name of the Equipment
1. PCR machines (thermocyclers)
2. Real time- PCR system
3. -20 & -80ºC Deep freezers
4. Lyophilizer
5. UV spectrophotometer
6. Refrigerated centrifuges
7. Gel documentation system
8. Rotary vacuum flash evaporator
9. Column chromatography with fraction collector
10. ELISA reader
11. Proteomics system including IPG unit, 2nd dimension gel, image scanner etc.
12. Image analyzer
13. Incubated shakers
14. Western Blotting unit
15. Others - Autoclave, Laminar air flow chambers, Hot air oven, BOD incubator, Orbital shaker, Hybridization oven, Microscopes

Plant Physiology

Facilities - Plant Physiology Lab

S.No Name of the Equipment
1. UV-spectrophotometer
2. Refrigerated Centrifuge
3. Plant Water Status Console
4. Osmometer
5. Leaf area meter
7. PCR Thermal cycler
8. Deep Freezer (-80°C)
9. Horizontal Electrophoresis unit
10. Laminar flow chamber
11. Ball mill
12. Vacuum Flash evaporator
13. Microscope with photography attachment
14. Chlorophyll fluorescence meter
15. Photoperiod chamber


Facilities - Agronomy, Microbiology Lab

S.No Name of the Equipment
1. Auto N analyser
2. Freeze dryer
3. Cooling centrifuge
4. Gas chromatograph
5. Laboratory spray dryer
6. BOD incubator
7. Hot air oven
8. Sonicator
9. Laminar flow chamber
10. All quartz double distillation unit

Soil Science-Chemistry

Facilities - Soil Science, Agri. Chemistry

S.No Name of the Equipment
1. UV Vis Spectrophotometer 
2. Flame Photometer 
3. Polarimeter 
4. Microwave Muffle Furnace


Facilities - Statistics & Computer Section

S.No Name of the facility
1. LAN with nearly 100 nodes, RF connectivity
2. 100 mbps Internet connectivity thro' National Knowledge Network (NKN)
3. SPSS 11.5 Statistical Software-10 user license
4. SYSTAT 12.0 Statistical Software
5. SAS 9.2 / 9.3 Statistical Software
6. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional
McAfee Anti-Virus,
Licensed MS Office 2010, 2013, etc.
7. Other in-house developed application programs for routine statistical analysis, DBMS, PAYROLL, etc.


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