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Co 09004

Varietal features

Co 09004 (Amritha)

Co 09004 is a high yielding, high quality and early maturing sugarcane variety suitable for cultivation in Peninsular zone comprising parts of Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Kerala. The variety was selected from progenies of the cross CoC 671 x CoT 8201 and was identified as Co cane during the year 2009 from ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore.
This variety recorded cane yield of 109.85 t/ha, sugar yield of 14.56 t/ha, Pol % cane of 14.50% and juice sucrose of 18.94% at 300 days across the zone (Table 1). It showed 17.89% and 17.84% improvement over the best standard CoC 671 for sugar and cane yield, respectively. This clone was numerically superior to the best standard for sucrose %.Co 09004 has the ideal plant characters of tall canes (250 cm), early fast growing, high tillering, medium thick canes, non-flowering and non-lodging. This variety is an excellent ratooner and recorded 18.60% improvement for cane yield in ratoon crop over the best standard CoC 671.
Co 09004 is moderately resistant to red rot and resistant to smut. This variety is less susceptible to top borer in all the AICRP(S) locations tested. It was less to moderately susceptible for early shoot borer, internode borer and scale insect. This variety is tolerant to drought and salinity conditions, the major yield limiting abiotic stress in Peninsular zone. It possesses A1 quality jaggery of golden yellow colour. Co 09004 is expected to improve productivity under normal production condition and also in red rot and smut prone regions of Peninsular zone.
Co 09004 recorded cane yield upto 139 t/ha at Pugalur, 140 t/ha at Sirugamani (Tamil Nadu) and 198 t/ha at Sameedwadi, 145 t/ha at Sankeshwar (Karnataka), 152 t/ha at Basmathnagar (Maharashtra)
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