Pride of ICAR-SBI-Former Director,Dr. Bakshi Ram gets Padma Shri award

  • Dr. Bakshi Ram, Director, ICAR-SBI was honoured with following awards/recognitions.
  • Shri. K. Krishna kumar, Skilled Support Staff, Kannur won 2nd Prize in 500m running race in ICAR South Zone Sports Meet held during 09-13 October 2017 at Coimbatore.
  • ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute Research Centre, Kannur received Rajbhasha Shield 3rd place in the Town Official Language Shield Competition 2016-17 held at TOLIC, Kannur. The Shield was awarded during the 56th half yearly meeting of TOLIC, Kannur held on 27 November 2017.
  • Dr. Neeraj Kulshreshtha, Head, ICAR-SBI RC, Karnal received Unnat Bharat Sewashri Award 2017 at Constitution Cub, New Delhi on 17 August 2017 for contributions towards varietal development and agricultural research.
  • Dr. K Lakshmi received Young Scientist award (NESA) for the paper 'Characterization and expression profiling of cell wall genes in sugarcane genotypes contrasting for lignin content'. In National Conferenc e on Biotechnology and Environment (NCOBE- 2017) organized by Department of Biotechnology, Jamia Millia Islamia (A Central University), New Delhi.
  • Drs. S. Alarmelu, G. Hemaprabha, C. Appunu, A Anna Durai and Bakshi Ram received Noel Deerr Gold Medal for the paper Co 0212- A high yielding, high sugar midlate variety for Tamilnadu'. In: Sugarcane Agriculture Section, presented in 74 Annual Sugarcane Technologists Association of India Convention, 2016-2017.
  • Dr. Bakshi Ram, Director, ICAR-SBI was honoured by Shri Radha Mohan Singh, Honourable Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare during the National Seminar on Hundred years of sweet revolution in India: Co 205 to Co 023 at NASC, ICAR, New Delhi on 29th August 2017.
  • The following scientists received Best Poster Awards during the International Symposium on 'Sugarcane Research Since Co 205: 100 Years and Beyond' (SucroSym 2017) during 18-21 September 2017 held at Coimbatore.
    1. Genetic enhancement of sugarcane through wild related species- Adhini S. Pazhany, M.N. Premachandran, Mayalekshmi and A.K. Remadevi.
    2. Assessing the inheritance of red flesh color and antioxidant activity from the polycross progenies of Saccharum robustum genotypes . G.S. Suresha, K. Chandran,. M. Nisha, K. Arun Kumar and.K. Hari.
    3. Mixed model analysis in sugarcane varietal evaluation programme in India- Rajesh Kumar, A.D. Pathak and Bakshi Ram.
    4. Co 205: The Coimbatore legacy - Adhini S. Pazhany, A. Anna Durai and P. Govindaraj.
    5. Transcriptome characterization of lignin and cellulose genes of sugarcane genotypes cont rasting for fiber content- Lakshmi Kasirajan.. Nam V. Hoang, Agnelo Furtado, and Robert J. Henry.
    6. Isolation and in silico analysis of expansin genes and functional charaderization of EXP Al in sugarcane through genetic engineering­J. Ashwin Narayan, V.M. Manoj, S. Dharshini, T.Sarath Padmanabhan. N. Subramonian, M.N. Premachandranand C. Appunu.
    7. Expression of the recombinant human growth hormone (Somatotro pin) in transgenic sugarcane for molecular farming- M. Sivaji,S. Dharshini, Ashwin Naray? Gauri Nerkar, C. Appunu and N. Subramonian.
    8. Revelation of gene families attributes to pathogenicity during sugarcane and Colletotrichum falcatum interaction using transai.ptomks - N.C. Naveen Prasanth, R. Viswanathan, P. Malathi and A. Ramesh Sundar.
    9. Profitability assesment of sugarcane based intercropping system under wide rowplanting­P. Geetha, AS. Tayade, T. Selvan and Rajesh Kumar.
    10. Standardizing agro-techniques for true seed seedling with special reference to intra-row spacing and planting depths - A.S. Tayade, P. Geetha, S. Anusha and Bakshi Ram
    11. Freeze dried sugarcane juice - process development and product characterization - K. Harl,. GS. Suresha, K. Sivaraman, C. Tamilselvi, B. Hariharan, C. Antony Leo, R. Lavanya, S. Ramalakshmi, P. Sivaraj and P. Murali.
    12. Transformation in sugarcane agriculture: From setts to settlings - T. Rajula Shanthy and S. Ramanjaneyalu.
  • Dr. R. Viswanathan, Principal Scientist (Plant Pathology) and Head (Crop Protection) received "Dr. M. Puttarudriah Memorial Endowment National Award -2012" for his outstanding contribution in the field of Plant Protectoion
  • The "CaneInfo - All about Sugarcane" web portal developed by the Sugarcane Breeding Institute was selected for the eWorld Public Choice Award (instituted by the eWorld Forum) for being one of the best projects in the best tele-center initiative category on August 2, 2011.
  • Dr (Mrs) B. Parameswari, Scientist (Plant Pathology), Regional Centre, Karnal received the “Jawaharlal Nehru Award” from Inidan Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi for her Doctoral thesis in Agricultural and Allied Sciences -2010 during the Ceremony of 83rd ICAR Foundation Day held at NASC Complex, New Delhi on 16th July 2011.
  • Dr. N. Vijayan Nair, Director was conferred with Life Time Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution towards the cause of development of Indian Sugar Industry by Sugarcane Technologists Association of India (STAI) at the 10th Joint Convention of STAI & DSTA held at Pune during July 2-5, 2011
  • Dr. Bakshiram, Head, Regional Centre, Karnal was conferred with “NOEL DEERR GOLD MEDAL” Award by Sugarcane Technologists Association of India (STAI) for his presentation on “Breeding for higher sucrose content in sugarcane–Achievements & Prospects” at the 10th Joint Convention of STAI & DSTA held at Pune during July 2-5, 2011
  • Dr. P. Govindaraj, Senior Scientist (Plant Breeding) was awarded with the 2nd "Sir.T.S. Venkatraman Award" sponsored by M/S ECO Foundation-USA, for his outstanding contribution to sugarcane research. He was presented with a cash prize and a citation during the Institute's foundation day celebrations in October, 2010
  • Dr. S. Aravind, was awarded with the 2nd "Sir.T.S. Venkatraman Award" sponsored by M/S ECO Foundation-USA, for the best Ph.D thesis on sugarcane, based on the dissertation entitled ‘Genetic engineering of sugarcane cultivars with genes coding for Cry1Ab and Aprotinin for shoot borer resistance’ (Guide: Dr. M.N. Premachandran, Head-Crop Improvement) . He was presented with a cash prize and a citation during the Institute's foundation day celebrations in October, 2010
  • The institute pavilion bagged the Best Stall Award in the exhibition organized at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore at the state level Farmers’ Day conducted during 9-10, June 2010.
  • Dr. N. Vijayan Nair, Director has been nominated as Member of Germplasm Advisory Committee of Crop Group of Commercial Crops viz., Cotton, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Jute & Allied Fibres w.e.f. 13.4.2010
  • Dr. N. Vijayan Nair, Director has been nominated as Member of Scientific Advisory Committee in PPV & FRA for a tenure of 3 years from 22.1. 2010
  • Dr. N. Vijayan Nair, Director has been nominated as ICAR representative on the Board of Management in Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur w.e.f. July 24, 2009 for three years or until further orders.

This document gives an account of other awards/ recognitions received by the staff / by Sugarcane Breeding Institute.


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