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Dr. K. Chandran, M.Sc., Ph.D

Dr.K. Chandran Principal Scientist and Head, ICAR-SBI Research Centre, Kannur

Discipline: Genetics and Plant Breeding

Field of specialization: Plant Genetic Resources evaluation and conservation and documentation. Micropropagation and in-vitro conservation of germplasm. Breeding for waterlogging stress

Current Areas of Research:

  • PGR conservation
  • Breeding for waterlogging tolerance
  • Broadening of genetic base of Sugarcane through intergeneric and interspecific hybridization.

Membership in professional bodies:

  • Society for Biocontrol Advancement – since 2003
  • Society of Andamans Science Association – since 1998

Awards and recognition:

  1. Best poster award: Four
  2. Fellow of Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources
  3. Fellow of Indian Society of Oilseeds Research

Number of Publications: Best Five

  1. K. Chandran and SM. Pandya 2000. Morphological Characterization of Arachis species of section Arachis. Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter, 121:38-41
  2. Radhakrishnan, T., Murthy TGK., K. Chandran and A Bandyopadhyay. 2001. Somatic embryogenesis in Arachis hypogaea –revisited. Australian Journal of Botany, 49, 753-759
  3. K. Chandran. 2010.In vitro multiplication and conservation of Saccharum germplasm Indian Journal of Plant Genetic Resources 23 (1); 65-68
  4. K. Chandran. 2011. In vitro regeneration of Saccharum edule from immature inflorescence Sugar Tech 13(2):170–17
  5. Chandran K., Nisha M., Gireesan P.P. 2019.Characterization of Progenies from Polycrosses of S. robustum. Clones f. sanguineum. Sugar Tech 22(3):379–388.

Training and exposure area in the work:

Trained in Plant Genetic resources conservation evaluation and documentation, in vitro and cryo conservation of germplasm and plant genetic engineering.

Contribution in the scientific advancement:

Associated with the standardization of tissue culture protocols for Groundnut. Associated with conservation and evaluation of Groundnut genetic resources. Curator of the world collection of Sugarcane germplasm since 2003. Developed protocols for in vitro multiplication and conservation of sugarcane germplasm. Developed digital catalogues and databases for sugarcane germplasm. Registered a germplasm tolerant to waterlogging tolerance (WL 09-379: INGR15035). Associated with the development of Co canes (Co 0321 and Co 09008) and developed Co canes tolerant to waterlogging (Co 12015, Co 13010 and Co 19016). Developed intergeneric and interspecrfic advanced breeding lines with diverse genetic background. Developed interspecific hybrid involving red fleshed S.robustum. < /p>

Contact address:

Dr. K. Chandran, Principal Scientist and Head,
ICAR-SBI Research Centre, Kannur
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone :0497-2705054, Mob: 9447486554


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