FAQ - Wilt diseases

  1. What are the diagnosable symptoms?
    • External - gradual yellowing and drying of foliage,shrinkage and withering of canes.
    • Internal - infected canes show light to dark reddish brown discolouration of ground tissue, pithiness and boat shaped cavities in the middle of the internode.
  2. How to differentiate the stalk symptoms with red rot?
    • Reddening of ground tissue with characteristic white spots as red rot are absent in case of wilt. Further wilt affected cane would show pithiness with boat shaped cavities with reddish brown discolouration.
  3. Whether sugarcane is infected by both red rot and wilt same time?
    • Yes. Such canes show symptoms of both the diseases.
  4. What aggravates wilt severity?
    • Extended drought in the summer followed by water logging in the monsoon. Damages to roots, especially by root borer and other root pests increase wilt severity.
  5. How to control wilt?
    • Healthy seed, crop rotation, optimizing soil moisture status and reducing root borer infestation are recommended to control wilt in an integrated approach.