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Co 98014 (Karan 1)

Varietal Features

Co 98014 is a selection from the progeny of the cross Co 8316 x Co 8213. This clone was identified from seedling ratoon nursery raised at the Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Regional Centre, Karnal and was tested under the Pre Zonal Varietals Trial as K90‐044. It was selected as an early clone as it had pol % juice higher than CoJ 64 during November, January and March. The cane yield and sugar yield of Co 0118 was higher than that of CoJ 64.

Salient characteristics

Co 98014 had medium thin greenish purple cane with conoidal and long lanceolate auricle on one side. The clone is free from leaf sheath spines, splits andr pith formation. Leaf tip drying is common during summer months. The fibre content is about 14%. The jaggery is with brown colour and is of B grade. This clone is moderately resistant (MR) to the prevalent races of red rot pathogen by plug method of inoculation and showed resistance reaction by nodal inoculation

Performance of Co 98014 in North Western Zone

This clone has been evaluated under All India Co‐ordinated Research Project in the North Western Zone. It ranked 1st in the zone for cane yield (100.7 t/ha), sugar yield (13.4 t/ha); Sucrose 17.9% averaged over 2 plant and 1 ratoon crops at different research stations in the zone . In comparison to the major check CoJ 64, Co 98014 showed 21.66 % improvement in cane yield and 17.22% improvement in sugar yield, of course it showed 3.24% less sucrose.


Co 98014 was released as “KARAN 1” by the Central Sub‐Committee on Crop Standards, Notification and Release of Varieties for Agricultural Crops in 2006. Co 98014 was released in Punjab State in 2003. This variety would prove as high quality early maturing clones under assured irrigation, water stress or water logging areas. This variety is a suitable substitute for CoJ 64.


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