Production of Sugarcane Wine with Different Fruit Blends

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Preamble and Technology

          Sugarcane wine is alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane juice without the addition of white sugar. Sugarcane wine is known to have many nutritional benefits. It promotes healthy digestion by acting as a digestive tonic. Sugarcane wines also promote weight loss since it is high in soluble fiber and helps in removing bad cholesterol from the body. Sugarcane wine has a considerable amount of minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and more. Calcium is essential for the growth and maintenance of our teeth and bones. Furthermore it also prevents tooth decay due to the calcium and phosphorous reserves which help in preserving the tooth enamel. The benefits of sugarcane wine make it a good alternative to other liquors. But sugarcane wine industry is rather under developed. Therefore, present work mainly focused on preparation of sugarcane juice based wine along with different fruits blends.

          The sugarcane juice wine prepared independently lacks the aroma, color and was having low alcohol content<10%. Blending different fruit pulps with sugarcane juice is the novel step in the current study to bring the optimum alcohol content. The locally available and quickly perishable fruits were studied to ensure their availability in plenty. Preparing the grape and other fruit based wine requires the addition of white sugar which is not considered as health sugar. Hence, a sugarcane juice-based wine will have better acceptability, flavor and color when we blend with different fruit pulps. Also fruits flavor will mask the bad odour of the fermented sugarcane juice. The commercially available fruits like grapes, pomegranate, banana and pineapple were used as to blend with sugarcane juice. When compared to refined sugar, using sugarcane juice has many health benefits and also a cheaper sweetener. So, it is more ideal to use sugarcane juice as source of sugar for fermentation process.


Sugarcane wine - Sugarcane grape blended red wine


Sugarcane wine grapes / banana blended sweet wine

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